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Journal Papers
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Effects of light and drought stress on germination of Artemisia sieberi Besser September 2011
Lignin content of range plant residues controls N mineralization in soils Summer 2011
Estimation on net mineralization from short-term C evolution in a plant residue-amended soil: is the accuracy of estimation time-dependent? September 2010
Determination of the most effective habitati ndices for evaluation of tragacanth sites in isfahan province Winter 2007
Comparison and evaluation of indices of dispersion petterns of plants on Artemisia sieberi shurblands in Yazd province Summer 2007
Comparison of validityof range condition analysis methods in Artemisia mountain grass-lands Spring 2007
Vegitation and range condition classification, using frequency data Winter 2006
Nutritive value of some Zagros Mountain rangeland species Spring 2006
A planning support for rangeland allocation in Iran with case study of Chadegan sub- region Summer 2004
Determining and comparing infilteration characteristics of clay soils in grazed vs. non- grazed range sites in Fereydan, isfahan Spring 2001
Effect of nitrogen rat on growth, forag yield and silage quality of three sorgum hybrids Summer 2000
Seasonal variation of total non stractural carbohydrate (TNC) levels in 'Bramus tomentellus"on moderately and heavily grazed sites in semirom Summer 2000
Determining suitable method for measuring utilization levels in "Artemisia" stands Fall 2000
Study on cover, dencity, species composition and forag production in grazed vs. non- grazed range sites in central zagros Spring 1997
Dehydration effects on seedling development of four range species Spring 1988
Root excision and dehydration effect on water uptake in four range species Summer 1988
Mineral ststus of range plants for grazing ruminates in semi arid areas of isfahan province Spring 1988
Conference Papers
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Effects of grazing exclusion on rangeland recovery in the Zagros region of Iran September 2007
Vegetation change after 19 years of exclosure expriment in the zagros region of iran Summer 2005
Vegetation change after 19 years of exclosure experiment in the Zagros region of Iran March 2005
Determination of DM and CP degradability of dominant range plants in Isfahan Province, Iran April 2002
Determination of effective environmental factors on site selection of three reng species in Vahregan river basian Fall 2000
Chemical components, digestibility and degradability of 3 native range plants of ardestan October 1997
Digestibility, degradability and Chemical components of 3 reng plants of ardestan Summer 1997
Macroelement components of some plant species of esfahan rangelands Summer 1997
apotential species for forage production and companion crop for Crested Wheatgrass in range seeding April 1986
Cachry uloptera and Ferula ovina: Two long-lived important range plants in semi arid mountainous area of Iran May 1986
Classification of plant communities in Fereydan, Iran March 1986
The need for harmony between agricultural and ecology Spring 1986
Drought tolerance of germinating seeds of certain dryland legumes and grasses March 1977

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